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Jerry Does Bikram in St. Augustine…?

The question is are there rules for travel blogs? Specifically, can you write whatever you want, or does it have to be true? Like suppose you sort of woke up a bit muddled, having slept poorly because you realized before … Continue reading

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Letter #3

  Draft 1   Dear Loser Who Stole My Sunglasses: Well, this was really all my fault. I should never have left my favorite sunglasses looped through that bungie cord when Jerry and I stopped for a coffee to get … Continue reading

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What It’s Like On The Bike

A couple of friends have asked how it is to be doing all this riding, so I thought I’d try to address that next. It’s strangely unproductive. You think you’re going to have all this creative free time, to plan … Continue reading

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A Few Pics Before Leaving Florida

Before We Began: Key West, Day One Dinner With Jerry’s FL Relatives: West Palm Beach A Few Shots Taken At Murikami Gardens, Outside West Palm Beach

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Florida, florida, florida, florida, florida…

So, Florida is very large. Did you know? We are biking in Florida forever. We go numb in Florida. We stop taking notes about stories and amusing incidents. We ride. Like the man in Key West, we pedal and pedal … Continue reading

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While We Pedal Forward, The Blog Falls Behind

But we’ll be taking a little breather for a day (after today’s ride)  and will catch up! My iPhone is frozen, so I’m panicking about losing all the photos… So there’s that to get fixed as well. But soon, very … Continue reading

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Palm Beach: We’ve Arrived, Baby

Our friends Marcia and Bob very kindly offer us their lovely Palm Beach apartment as a place to stop, relax, do laundry, and mentally prepare to continue up the coast on Florida’s mostly busy roads. I’ve never been to Palm … Continue reading

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