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Sentimental Journey … Interrupted

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. ~ John Lennon Der mentsh trakht un Got lakht. (Man plans and God laughs.) ~ Yiddish Proverb Biking into Vermont is going to be the most amazing and emotional experience. … Continue reading

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Why Do We Bike?

Shelagh and I are not bikers.  Not really.  This may sound strange to some but we know that our biker friends are nodding knowingly.  Trust me on this.  We know bikers.  We have friends who are bikers.  We are not … Continue reading

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Map Freak

If I ask you to think of that thing your spouse, partner or best friend does that bugs you the most, does something immediately spring to mind? Probably a few things. I know. Well, for me, it’s the map thing. … Continue reading

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Zeno Strikes Back

Shelagh and I are in Westminster, Maryland. It feels like we are creeping and crawling our way back home. Today, it is 45 degrees, 20+ mph north winds, and raining hard. We do not bike. We stay inside under the … Continue reading

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Hills??? WTF???

Dear Everyone I Know and A Few People I’ve Never Met, Oh my God. We have hit hills. Someone come right now in a big van. I’ll send coordinates; I’ll drop a pin. You can drive me to the first … Continue reading

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The Hills Are Alive

On our way into Richmond, Va., Shelagh and I experience hills for the first time on our trip. Really. We had many trips up and down bridges before Richmond but as we aproached the Morgan Hill battlefield we climbed our … Continue reading

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A Philosophical Discursion

What do you think about when you are riding? Of course it depends on where we’re riding and what time of the day. If there is a day with lots of turns then it’s easy to stay focused. A missed … Continue reading

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Q & A

Before we finish Georgia, friends have been emailing questions about the trip, or asking things in the comments section of the blog. So here’s a post designed to address some of those questions: How long are you on the bikes … Continue reading

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Job descriptions

Anytime a couple undertakes an endeavor-something that takes a certain amount of work and coordination (like having a dinner party, or fixing the lawnmower together when it goes on the fritz, or doing a big bike trip, or staying married … Continue reading

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