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I already said in my Poughkeepsie post — in which I didn’t give Poughkeepsie anywhere near the recognition it deserves and would have gotten if it had fallen toward the beginning of the trip, rather than the end — that … Continue reading

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Poughkeepsie Post

For some reason, I have been charged with writing the Poughkeepsie post. “Why do we need a Poughkeepsie post?” I ask. “It was nice. We had fun,” I am told. “Then you write it.” “No, you. You should write it.” … Continue reading

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Why Do We Bike?

Shelagh and I are not bikers.  Not really.  This may sound strange to some but we know that our biker friends are nodding knowingly.  Trust me on this.  We know bikers.  We have friends who are bikers.  We are not … Continue reading

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