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Shelagh’s Guide to Procrastination

Well, given that I started the blog nearly nine months ago, I have decided to let myself be the one to finish it with my own final entry. So, you probably figured out that we’re home. We made it (ages … Continue reading

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1000 Miles Later

“Now’s the Time”   ~ Charlie Parker It really is time. It’s been two weeks,* life is getting back to what used to be normal and perhaps it’s time to wrap this baby up and put it to sleep. How do … Continue reading

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Extra, extra!

They made it. Against the odds (Las Vegas, 4:1) the Savvy?Travelers made it home to Vermont. They appear to be physically unharmed and no more psychologically damaged than when they started. They are cold but when asked if they would … Continue reading

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Sentimental Journey … Interrupted

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. ~ John Lennon Der mentsh trakht un Got lakht. (Man plans and God laughs.) ~ Yiddish Proverb Biking into Vermont is going to be the most amazing and emotional experience. … Continue reading

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I already said in my Poughkeepsie post — in which I didn’t give Poughkeepsie anywhere near the recognition it deserves and would have gotten if it had fallen toward the beginning of the trip, rather than the end — that … Continue reading

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Poughkeepsie Post

For some reason, I have been charged with writing the Poughkeepsie post. “Why do we need a Poughkeepsie post?” I ask. “It was nice. We had fun,” I am told. “Then you write it.” “No, you. You should write it.” … Continue reading

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Ways In Which I Am No Longer Like My Mother

My mother was a lovely woman: graceful, reserved, maybe even a little bit shy until she got to know you. And although I know I am not entirely like her (because I’m much more of an extrovert and I enjoy … Continue reading

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