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Philology … from a Philadelphian … trying to get to Philadelphia

Linguists make it clear that the meaning of words changes with time. Check out the meaning of “silly” as it changes from Shakespeare’s to our present usage. Very interesting. They tell us that to try to keep our language usage … Continue reading

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A Post With Footnotes (1)

Some of my favorite riding has been through Amish country in Pennsylvania. When I was little, my parents took our family on a cross-country trip in a car and a camper, and I do recall seeing the Amish on that … Continue reading

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Friends Two

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. We were supposed to meet Carl and Jean, our daughter-in-law Anna’s parents in Columbia, Pa on the second day of our stay there. It would have been a quick exit on Rt 30 … Continue reading

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Zeno Strikes Back

Shelagh and I are in Westminster, Maryland. It feels like we are creeping and crawling our way back home. Today, it is 45 degrees, 20+ mph north winds, and raining hard. We do not bike. We stay inside under the … Continue reading

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What?  No Starbucks?

We had to get to Westminster, Md. The night before Shelagh and I had a very fun dinner at a N. Bethesda restaurant called El Patio, an Argentinian restaurant with music playing, people singing, and amazing food. But there was … Continue reading

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One of the truths of this kind of life, where you pack before fully understanding what you’ll be dealing with, and you have to carry everything on your bike, is that you start improvising as needs arise. For example, thanks … Continue reading

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Q & A, Part 2

A good friend wrote me a personal email with a whole batch of new questions. She said maybe I wouldn’t want to answer them publically, but as I have no shame, I’m going to address them here in any case. … Continue reading

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A Few Favorite Funny Moments

From the Actual Trip: 1. When we ate out in Florida with Jerry’s relatives and his cousin Richard asked what we wear when we’re not on the bikes, and we looked down and back up and said … “This!” 2. … Continue reading

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Spring ain’t bustin out all over!

Remember the dream? We were going to fly to Florida in February and experience springtime in Florida. Then we would slowly ride north and track the coming of spring to Vermont. Looked good in the beginning despite the naysayers. A … Continue reading

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When we first began sharing our plans with friends, we heard a lot about what we might – or should – be afraid of. Aren’t you afraid of dirt roads? Aren’t you afraid of bad drivers/teenage drivers/redneck drivers? Aren’t you … Continue reading

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