Zeno Strikes Back

Shelagh and I are in Westminster, Maryland. It feels like we are creeping and crawling our way back home. Today, it is 45 degrees, 20+ mph north winds, and raining hard. We do not bike. We stay inside under the covers and look for restaurants that will deliver. We are not the postal service. In wind , snow and rain we give up. Even the liquor store is too far to walk. We have spent five of the last fifteen days hiding from the weather. The weather has become the Achille’s heel to our Odyssean efforts to return home.

Top that all you philhellenists.

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1 Response to Zeno Strikes Back

  1. gary says:

    The story of Achilles heel was not part of the Illead/Oddessy and was an “add on” centuries later, i.e., it is apocrophyl (sp?). Wouldn’t have said anything, but you said “top that”

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