Friends Two

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. We were supposed to meet Carl and Jean, our daughter-in-law Anna’s parents in Columbia, Pa on the second day of our stay there. It would have been a quick exit on Rt 30 on their way home from a wedding in New York stat. Columbia, Pa., I’m sure many of you will recognize as what Smithsonian magazine described as the 11th best small city to live in in America. Unfortunately, our plans get weathered.

First, we spend an extra day in Fredericksburg, Va., then we decide to spend an extra day in Westminster rather than ride to Columbia in what’s forecast to be heavy rain and 20+ north winds.

So we agree to meet in Westminster. Jean texts to let us know that they’re running into snow leaving, and might not arrive until 5 pm. No problem, easy to occupy myself with the Michigan State – UConn game.

Then the snow starts. Not really peredicted and in fact a quick check of the weather report indicates that it isn’t really happening. Which seems like a relief until it keeps accumulating. By the time that Jean and Carl arrive, there are four or five inches of snow on the ground. Fortunately the motel is well plowed and when they arrive, they tell us that they’ve made arrangements to stay in the room next to us.

Jean brings out champagne (to celebrate Shelagh’s book), blueberried goat cheese, and brie, and we know that we are at party central Westminster, Md. When they expressconcern that we are stuck for the night because of the roads, we surprise them with news of the excellent Italian restaurant located just a few slushy minutes walk away.

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be this way, but a good time is had by all. In the morning the sun is shining, the weather slowly warming, the snow quickly melting and we are all on our way.


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