Hills??? WTF???

Dear Everyone I Know and A Few People I’ve Never Met,

Oh my God. We have hit hills. Someone come right now in a big van. I’ll send coordinates; I’ll drop a pin. You can drive me to the first Starbucks and then we’ll head home. Ok? Many thanks.

Hugs and Kisses (and whatever else it might take),


P.S. Let’s just keep this between us…

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12 Responses to Hills??? WTF???

  1. Rocco Brown says:

    This is a great post, thank you for sharing!


    Shelagh, you should take pride in the fact that despite your misery you can take the time to brings smiles to folks. Very funny, thanks. Pat

  3. JV says:

    You need me – I’m there!!! Got the search dog too! SARJV

  4. Susan Ritz says:

    But think how far ahead of your VT biking pals you’ll be when you hit the hills of home!

  5. Gay Sterner says:

    I’m one of the never mets….with you all the way…..go girl! I’m in relatively flat land…..Chico…..tracking your progress….

  6. Jeanne and David says:

    We are on our way; bike rack attached (that is if you still want to keep your bike). There’s also room for Jerry- if you want to keep him too!
    Love you both,
    Jeanne and David

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