We’re Not Gonna Go!

They tried to make us go to OB but we said no, no, no!

Actually they didn’t try to make us go to the Outer Banks, we wanted to go. Ever since we started planning this trip going to the Outer Banks was high on my list. Although Shelagh had been to the Outer Banks, I’d never been there. It always seemed so romantic. This little strip of land way off the coast only connected by ferries and a single road. Warm sun, beach weather, and maybe just maybe a 20 + mph South wind to blow us on our way. Unfortunately the snowstorm in Richmond was not associated with beach weather on the Outer Banks. And low 40’s temperatures with 20 mph North winds blowing at our faces just didn’t resonate with our OB fantasies. So we didn’t go. No, no, no.

As an aside, we’ve had a lot of opportunities to listen to music on the trip (including our stealth car trip to Rock Hill to visit our friends the Viapianos). I expressed the opinion that, with deepest respect for Dusty Springfield, the first of the white female British soul singers, Amy Winehouse really is the best of them. No argument. Or would you?

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1 Response to We’re Not Gonna Go!

  1. deborah shapiro says:

    just thought I’d mention that Davis has had a place in the banks for years and Aunt Esther always says “nothing there” so maybe you didn’t miss anything , onward, love, m

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