A Philosophical Discursion

What do you think about when you are riding?

Of course it depends on where we’re riding and what time of the day. If there is a day with lots of turns then it’s easy to stay focused. A missed turn can make for a very long day. Also a very long day can make for a missed turn, but that’s for another blog.

It’s the long roads without turns that can challenge my mind. Not in the morning. In the morning I get on a long stretch of road and I think about the woods (often monoculture, often pines of some sort) and the lighting. Or maybe Shelagh and I talk about the day or the trip, or you know, life. Always lots to talk about in the morning. Like where are we going to have lunch.

Later in the day, when I’m tired and we are on a road for a long time without turning my mind starts to wander or just fade to nothing much to think about. Early in the ride we started calling this a “slog”. As in, this ride is really getting to be a slog. Or, we just have to keep slogging and we’ll get there.

At times like this my mind starts to ponder Zeno’s paradox. You know the one. If you go half the distance from here to there, and then half the distance again, and then half the distance again, well, you’ll never get there. And that’s what it feels like. I’m pedaling down the road and I know how far I have to go on this road. So I look at my odometer and check it. Then I look around and the woods are a stupid, boring monoculture. So I check the odometer again, not much farther. Try to hum an interesting and distracting song but all I can come up with is Take Me Out to the Ballgame or My Baby Does the Hanky Panky (where is Tommy James now?). Slogging along I look at my odometer again and I swear that it’s going backwards. You know, Zeno’s paradox.

Like I said, sometimes there isn’t really much going on upstairs.

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