Unpaid Public Service Announcement

When you plan a trip this long, it becomes clear that there are some things that you are going to have to give up. I suppose an unfortunate aspect of becoming an adult is the realization that you don’t get anything for nothing. Still, every time that we read about the weather back home, we go green with envy thinking about all of the great snowboarding that we’re missing. This could have been the year that we broke through to the next level.

Another big disappointment started last year when the Flynn schedule appeared. Wouldn’t you know it? Every show that we wanted to see was happening while we were planning on being away. And the biggest disappointment of all was that Nellie McKay would be performing at Flynnspace on Friday, April 4th for two shows at 7:00 and 9:30. Shelagh and I love seeing Nellie perform, as many of you out there (that we’ve dragged to see her) will attest. And every one of the dragged has expressed their joy at having been dragged. Nellie is funny, witty, multitalented – she plays piano, sings, writes her own music and is also an excellent ukelelelist, ukellelist, ukelist. She’s very good at playing the ukelele.

For our friends in Northampton, she’ll be at the Iron Horse Sunday, April 6th. We saw her there the last time and the show was sold out.


You’ll have a great time.

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