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Sorry we’ve been quiet for so long. I had some very good news that took my attention away from the blog: Wind Ridge Books of Vermont is publishing my novel, tentatively titled Shape of The Sky, later this year. They are a well-respected press that has – in the past – put out poetry, nonfiction, memoir, and stories, but this will be their first novel. (Yea!)

So the blog fell behind. Sorry about that. But we’re back! Just posted a few that Jerry wrote in recent days, and a new letter by moi. And we’ll write some more just as soon as we get off these silly bikes…

Still pedaling through church country,


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3 Responses to Bloggity Blog Blog

  1. Sandi Elliott says:

    Glad you’re still blogging, and speaking to one another. Expectations can be unreasonably high for a “romantic endeavor” of this sort.

  2. Sandi Elliott says:

    I didn’t just leave that comment at 3:53am like it says!

    • shelaghvt says:

      Yeah, I don’t quite get where WordPress is getting its time signatures. Always way off. Thx for checking in. Yes, about the romance. I figure biking isn’t as romantic a sport as, say, canoing. Or maybe bungee jumping, with hands held. That sort of thing. 😉

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