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A Philosophical Discursion

What do you think about when you are riding? Of course it depends on where we’re riding and what time of the day. If there is a day with lots of turns then it’s easy to stay focused. A missed … Continue reading

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Corporate EQ

When we leave Charleston, we’re faced with a very long ride through a national forest, which means a lot of beauty and low-traffic roads, but probably not a lot of services (aka food). And so, when gently prodded, Elden comes … Continue reading

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Friends, Friends

We rent a car, with Elden’s help (a ride to the agency), and strike out for Rock Hill, SC, to visit the Viapianos. Jim and Mary, like Elden, have known Jerry longer than I have. They’re the kind of friends … Continue reading

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As with any large undertaking, the successes of this trip are incremental in nature, and sometimes they surprise us. Getting over that first long bridge (the seven-mile bridge) felt like a success. Getting out of the Keys, another. Out of … Continue reading

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Savvy?Travelers wrong again!

We are looking forward to arriving in Charleston, SC. Mt. Pleasant, SC actually. That’s where our friend Elden lives. And we’re shall we say concerned. We’ve been over the bridge that goes from Charleston to Mt. Pleasant last Fall when … Continue reading

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Happy Mardi Gras

Do you know what it means to ride 60 miles on difficult roads and finally arrive (after crossing rt 95 ) in Yemassee , SC, only find out that the town is dry on Sundays? Emergency texts to our Southern … Continue reading

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Canine Math

I. Pythagoras The dog starts out as a black dot in a faraway field, like a bird of prey might, at first, seem like a dot in the sky to a mouse. He’s not barking, not making a sound. As … Continue reading

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Unpaid Public Service Announcement

When you plan a trip this long, it becomes clear that there are some things that you are going to have to give up. I suppose an unfortunate aspect of becoming an adult is the realization that you don’t get … Continue reading

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Tales of the Savvy ? Travelers

To get out of Savannah we need to take the road that our hotel is on, just head out to the street and pedal. Turns out that there are only two turns we need to make to get to our … Continue reading

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The Civil War Happened Here

I’m a little embarrassed that the blog has only included news of our trip–of the details we can convey from what we experience on the road–and not more information about the areas we’re seeing. A better person would be reading … Continue reading

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