Palm Beach: We’ve Arrived, Baby


Our friends Marcia and Bob very kindly offer us their lovely Palm Beach apartment as a place to stop, relax, do laundry, and mentally prepare to continue up the coast on Florida’s mostly busy roads. I’ve never been to Palm Beach. Palm Beach is nice the same way that Athens is old: very. The apartment is beautiful. Everyone looks perfect here – pampered and medicated and pressed and ironed. I’d say well fed, but some of the women have that look of not ever eating, staying alive by virtue of sea air and martinis. These particular women smile as if they learned how to do it by reading a magazine. (SUCH a drag, being pretty and pale and well-heeled in southern Florida. Yawn.)

Across from our apartment (it stops being “Marcia and Bob’s” very soon after I see it), is the Breakers Hotel. Heard of it? If not, see the inadequate photo, above. (Once you’ve been to Palm Beach, everything feels somehow inadequate, really…)

Marcia suggested we have morning coffee on their terrace if we get a chance, because it’s a fun thing to do. So we do. We walk in their gardens and, through some magnificent breach of security that I’m sure will result in the dismissal of an employee from some country south of ours, manage to have coffee on the terrace at the Breakers. Beautiful people play with their beautiful children – or, really, watch nannies play with their beautiful children – on the green. As Jerry and I sip coffee and take in the air, Katie Couric walks by us! A celebrity sighting! Experienced really only by me, though, because Jerry misses it and then has to qualify who she is. “The one who did the Sarah Palin interview?” Yes.

We contact Jerry’s cousin Robert (ever “Bobby” to his relatives), who manages to bring together various Florida aunts, uncles and cousins for a meal together: Uncle Frank and Aunt Renee, Bobby’s father Uncle Sid, cousin Richard and his wife, Susie, and Aunt Ann. They all meet up in our neighborhood, very kindly, so we don’t have to bike south again (or re-experience the shame train) for a wonderful Italian dinner with live piano and sax. So much fun!!! Aunt Ann lets me down gently: Katie Couric has been in Sochi, covering for Bob Costas and his terrible seeping pink eye. BUT that night, I google “Katie Couric, Palm Beach,” and she’s definitely in town, hosting a benefit at the Breakers! I am vindicated! I fall asleep that night excited all over again and looking forward to informing Aunt Ann.

The next day we’ll move on to someplace that’s undoubtedly less fabulous. But, as Jerry tells me, “We’ll always have Palm Beach.”

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5 Responses to Palm Beach: We’ve Arrived, Baby

  1. Anne Leavitt says:

    Good post from Shelagh

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Paul Sokal says:

    Sounds like you’re off to a great start. Palm Beach sounds ‘fabulous’. We’re in Santa Barbara and your remark,”Everyone looks perfect here – pampered and medicated and pressed and ironed…” would not be wide of the mark here. … not so much the medicated – there are a lot of beautiful young people here.
    Hope the trip continues happily. You’ll be in Magnolia country pretty soon.

    – paul

    • shelaghvt says:

      Enjoy Santa Barbara! Jerry likes the Territory Ahead outlet there – good clothes, slightly less than in the catalogue. FYI. If you’re not looking for new clothes, just enjoy yourselves. ~ S.

  3. Maura says:

    I love Katie Couric! (Just a little note to let you know I am reading and keeping up!). Love you!

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