A Few Pics From Early Days Of The Ride


Blue Heaven in Key West – Thanks Larry & Linda!


Louie’s Backyard in Key West (thanks Howard & Jan!)


So far, we’re mostly avoiding rain. But – as you can see – just barely!

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5 Responses to A Few Pics From Early Days Of The Ride

  1. jeanne greenblatt says:

    It is so great to read your blog and follow along with you on your adventure. Its almost as great as being with you guys in person!!
    lots of love

  2. Sand Elliott says:

    Get kids,
    I just read all your posts to Vanessa, we laughed and now feel quite vested in your trip. Olympics viewing temporarily took a back seat as we enjoyed your beginning adventure. Keep blogging!

  3. nancy alexander says:

    yikes! pretty exposed to the water out there in the Keys…..

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