Key West

In the kitchen at our lovely hotel, Azul Key West, I see a woman in what I first think are bike shorts. She’s stretching a lot as she walks. Warming up to ask her about roads and routes and such, I ask if she’s been biking around here. She says no, they aren’t biking. She says they RAN here … from Miami. 198 miles, she says. How many days did you do that in? I ask. We did it overnight, she says. Okie dokie, then.

Key West is a fun place to wander around and “people watch:”


We’ll be here for two days before starting the real biking. First up, we head over to Island Bicycles, where we’d arranged to have our bikes shipped after Gene Bell packed them up. Here’s a photo of the owner (Aaron’s his name, I think), finishing up with our boxes:


Aaron told us a great story about a guy for whom he did some work, who had some kind of long metal piece attached to the back of his bike which arced up and over, with a heavy weight hanging off of it, to help him “move faster, especially down the hills.” We all laughed about the image of this man on his bike, with the weight hanging in front of his face, essentially pulling him along. (The man swore by it!) Later, the story got me thinking. On the bike, I’m often wanting to be faster, and for the effort to be easier. When the season starts and I’m out of shape (which is the case now, sadly), I’m sometimes thinking about the end of a ride just as I start out. 

But this is ridiculous! The ride is the point; we’re here to bike. I joked in the first blog post about this all having been Jerry’s idea. But that was truly a joke; I’m psyched. I’m looking forward to this. (Mostly.)



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4 Responses to Key West

  1. Robbie Stanley says:

    Love it! So excited your adventure begins and I get to live it vicariously!

  2. anne melvin says:

    What goes down, must first come up. The guy with the weight on his bike is right: it WILL make him go faster on the downhill. Heavier bodies move downhill faster than lighter ones. But it’s dragging on him as he goes uphill. He must be a supreme optimist: never thinking about the bad side of the equation, only the good. May the same happen to you and Jerry in your journey (but think logically too).

  3. Susan Ritz says:

    Sounds like you’re off to a great start. can’t wait to hear more about the crazy people you meet along the way. Okay, so how does anyone run 198 miles in 24 hours?
    Watch out for the bridges and the sand fleas!

  4. nancy alexander says:

    Love the dog pic ! But REALLY ? Ran overnight from Miami and she was vertical the next day ?

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